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Spirit Fire Theatre produces powerfully moving stories. With every production, we aspire to create emotionally engaging experiences which ignite your passion and sparks your imagination. The friendships that develop during a show are what makes theatre so special. When the honest devotion from those relationships flood the stage and the audience is enraptured by that beautiful energy, there is no greater exhilaration. The passion and dedication of the cast and crew is the true essence of who we are. Spirit Fire Theatre was nominated for five Critter Awards in 2016 for our work on Of Mice and Men, including Best Director and Best Production of a Play. The SFT production of Wolf On The Ringstrasse was listed as one of the best theatre shows of 2019 by the Calgary Herald.



There are currently no auditions scheduled at this time.


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There are currently no crew positions at this time.


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Please visit our website in February 2023 for upcoming volunteer opportunity announcements.