January 12 – January 17, 2015

Pumphouse Theatres
2140 Pumphouse Ave SW, Calgary, AB

"Starry, starry night! The sight of the stars always makes me dream. I dream … if only I were my old self again. But even if I were, what am I in the eyes of most people? A non-entity, an eccentric, an unpleasant person. Somebody with no position in society and will never have. In short I am the lowest of the low … well, even if that were absolutely true, then I should one day like to show by my work what such an eccentric, such a nobody, has in his heart!"

Vincent tells a story of the artistic passion, complexity and incredible humanity of Vincent van Gogh. The relationships with his brother Theo and fellow artist Paul Gauguin give insight into the mind of a troubled genius who sought desperately, through the vibrancy of his painting, to touch the human soul.



In Vincent, Morag Haysom’s well-rounded study of a complex human being makes for an intriguing play with a compelling theory. Bearing an eerie and uncanny resemblance to the actual Van Gogh, David Haysom provides a passionate portrayal of the troubled artist who is being virtually wholly supported by his benevolent younger brother, Theo, an art dealer, played with great compassion and sensitivity by Blair Wood.

- Maryth Gilroy, Plank Magazine


David Haysom

David Haysom - Director


After many tears, the play Vincent has come to an end. However, the impact of the play lives on. Thank you everyone who came out to show your support. Together we raised $2594.80 for the Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary, which includes Michael Popp"s incredible matching donation. Our love will make a difference to many lives affected by mental illness.

David Haysom at the Museum of Modern Art

Calgary Cast and Crew

Vancouver Cast and Crew